We came to Generation ONE for the first time on May 6, 2017 via an invitation from our friends, Mike and Jean Upshur. They knew that we had a hunger for Holy Spirit, fire, and growth, and that Generation ONE would be a great environment for us. We walked in with expectations, but we got more than we bargained for - Praise God! In that season, we were in a financial bind, even though we hid it because of a deep sense of embarrassment. At one point, it was so bad that even our kids did not know the depth of the situation we were in. Our Real Estate Business was non-productive for many years and we had depleted all of our funds to try and keep it going. With all this happening, we walked into Generation ONE with hopeful hearts.

That day we first attended, Drew spoke a word over us and our situation even confirming that we were considering retiring. We left that day encouraged as Drew spoke that blessing was coming in our business, but months rolled after we left - and that was okay. We continued to believe God as our Provider and we always seemed to make it every month. My wife was cleaning houses for the elderly to help, and she developed a real passion for it. She believes it is her ministry - being able to share Jesus with them when they don’t have much time left on the Earth. We continued to pray and always stay positive, because we know that you can never take your eyes off of Jesus.

Then BAM! Let me tell you about the faithfulness of my Provider, Father, and Friend:
On August 11, 2017, we had our first closing of the year equalling $7,800.
September 23, 2017: $9,120.00.
October 17, 2017: 2 closings same day $3,827.79 and $4,347.00
October 19, 2017: $7,503.00
TOTALING $32,579.79

And there is still more business that should close!  

All I can say is thank you Jesus, He is the God of Restoration and is working to restore all that was stolen.  All that Drew said to us in his word in just May of 2017 was confirmed by August of 2017 and we will be forever grateful to Him. On top of that, we thank Him for blessing us with our new family at GenONE. God truly poured out his blessing on us in all areas of our life. Our desire is to be humble servants, and with that, we wish to remain anonymous; but be encouraged, because He is working.

Our Love to You All.



A dear friend of mine told me of a dream she had while preparing to speak at an event. She shared that in the dream, “I was approaching a window at a loading dock, carrying a shopping bag with GRACE written on the side.  The woman at the window said, looking at the bag, is this all you want?  Suddenly I heard a noise and turned to see a large semi-truck backing up to the window!  How much Grace do you want?  It's without measure!” Grace without measure, that's how our Father gives it to us. Paul states it this way to the Corinthians - a very carnal, fleshly group of believers, "And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound in every good work."  

He told them that God has the authority, capability, and desire to give us as much grace that is needed; to abound or overflow with it at all times having everything needed to live a life overflowing with good works.  It was God's grace that was going to give them the tools to overcome the carnal nature that was in opposition to the nature of God.  Unfortunately many of us have been exposed to a grace theology that allows us to come as we are and receive salvation by grace, but then from that point on, it's up to us to clean up our lives and present ourselves acceptable. That's not what Paul was instructing the Corinthian CHURCH. Yes! Paul was talking to Christians who needed the work of grace not just as access for eternal security but as a means to live victoriously in every facet of life.  

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul speaks of how access to grace without measure impacts some of the difficult relationships in his life.  Lets face it, relationships are some of the most trying places of our lives and where the biggest messes are made.  We will always have people who both love and hate us, or those who are simply well meaning in their perspective of us, but lack understanding due to jealousy or immaturity. Paul described them as "thorns in the flesh". Satan uses them to aggravate, stir up, and even puff up our flesh. It was so evident to Paul that he asked the Lord three times to remove these types of people out of his life. God's answer: "My grace is sufficient".  God was telling Paul that His grace  (God's given ability to help us become someone we are incapable of becoming) was Paul's power to conquer the attack. God’s perspective about any situation is that grace without measure will always be the solution. Paul continued by saying “as a result of that I will rejoice when that attack comes because I can count on the fact that God's grace will be present to deliver me from the frustrations of the thorns.” Paul refers to this as “glorying in his infirmities”. By a conscience act of his will, Paul embraces grace to help him to rise above the "thorn”. This grace is available at any given moment when the flesh is being tempted to react to these situations.

Remember as we continue to release the Kingdom to the world around us, there will always be those relationship "thorns" to navigate through. This is exactly the time we need to be reminded that grace is always without measure, which leads us to know that "His grace is (and will continue to be) sufficient". 

Just a thought, 
Tony M. 

Flowers from daddy

red tulips.jpg

I have a testimony that God gave me and I am so excited to share it. I hope it encourages you!

A couple of weeks ago during the Prophetic service at Generation ONE, Drew asked us to sit quietly and listen to the Lord. During this time, I got a picture from Him. This hasn’t happened often to me, but it was so awesome. In this moment, I saw in the midst of a very sunny day, a picture of a beautiful tulip that was bright pink and was in process of growing up from the ground. The tulip was growing up quickly, almost like it was a sped-up video. After seeing this picture, I wasn’t really sure what it meant, so I didn’t go up to the front of church to share it when the invitation came.

After service I talked to Carrie Pardon about it. I shared with her the picture I saw, and that I had been praying recently and asking God to show me more of His love and to take me deeper with Him. Carrie processed it all and said she thought that was what He was saying to me - that He was going to grow me in His love and that it was going to be a quick work.

Throughout the next week, I was praying that God would send me some tulips. I knew that they weren’t in season, but I continued to pray that someone would bring me some or that He would make some grow out of the ground (why not?!). I just asked. The next day, my husband Marque went to Kroger to pick up our groceries from Click List. Once he got home and was unloading the groceries, he told me there were some flowers for me on the counter. Surprised, I said, “Oh, you got me flowers?!” He went on to tell me that the staff at Kroger gave them to him unexpectedly. 

I walked into the kitchen and sitting on the counter were three bright red tulips! I could not believe it! I was amazed! I had not told anyone about that prayer that I prayed and it was not a coincidence that they were tulips. They are not even in season right now! He is so good, my Daddy sent me flowers!

It encouraged me so much that God was willing to go out of his way to affirm the risk I took in service for God to communicate with me. I really was hearing from God.

With Encouragement, 
Ashli Cryderman

We All Need More Religion


God has always had a soft spot for the widow and the orphan. In Psalms, it says that He cares for and sustains them, In Isaiah the Israelites are commanded to defend the orphan and widow and in James it says that PURE and FAULTLESS religion is to take care of them. That verse in James is always one that sticks out to me.

Pure and undefiled religion before the God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their tribulation; to keep oneself unstained from the world.
James 1:27

“Religion” has become something of a taboo word in today’s society, but I think there is something of merit to look into when it is described as pure and faultless. I had always believed that this verse was a “you have got to do something” verse. Be charitable, help out the elderly, etcetera. Recently, God spoke to me something bigger.

His family is missing a lot of its members. In the Bible, the orphan is often called the fatherless. The biblical society placed a lot of weight on having a father. So if an orphan is someone who has lost their father, it seems fitting that God would consider those who do not know the Father an orphan. In Ephesians, it says that God predestined us to be sons. I don’t think He was just talking about “Christians”. God created each and every person to be a part of His family. He wants to adopt us. Take us home, raise us as heirs of the kingdom so that we can share in is dominion.

But it doesn’t end there. A widow is someone who has lost their husband. The Bible teaches that there is a wedding in planning. Jesus is waiting for his bride to be ready and the church is that bride. God doesn’t just want to adopt us, He wants to marry us. He wants to be united with us in a way that says I am in you and you are in Me. Where I go, you go - because we are knit together.

All this to say, the reason it is pure religion to take care of widows and orphans is because you’re bringing the family home. It is motivated not selfishly or out of pride, but out of the love of the Father for his child and of the Husband for his bride, hatever that may look like. At one time or another, the widow and orphan were all of us. It was only a few years ago I thought myself unworthy of being a son, unworthy of being united in marriage to someone so perfect. I had accepted Jesus so many years before, but I fell into a very law-ased and servant-style life. I was orphaned and widowed. I lost my Father and husband. It was the nurturing at Generation ONE that brought me home. Family, that loved me as I was, reminded me of who I am, showed me what the Father was like and that I was a part of the bride Jesus was coming for.

The Father wants His children back, and Jesus wants the whole bride. That’s only possible when we stop seeing people as legalists, sinners, Pharisees, hypocrites, fake, worthless, terrorists, back-sliders, etcetera and start viewing them as God does: Part of the family that He longs to bring back together.


Holy Spirit Pedicures


Though the main focus of my ministry in this season of my life is raising our three boys, over the past few years I've been intentional about every opportunity - even in the small things - to always keep my head up and my eyes open to seeing what God is doing in my community. This I know: God is always speaking over His people and anytime that God can use me as an instrument of His love and encouragement, I'm excited to do so.  

Last week I found myself in a pedicure chair because of a gift certificate that I hadn't used yet. As soon as I sat down in the chair, the woman introduced herself and I could just sense that she was a little bit heavy in spirit. So as much as I could, I engaged her in conversation throughout the time I had with her.  The whole time I just kept asking Papa God what He had to say over this woman in front of me.

Most often the Lord speaks to me and pictures and this time was no different. I kept getting the image of one of those life-size Jenga games that I've seen up north and other places. So I asked Papa God what this meant. Most often when I see a picture, I don't necessarily feel like I have all the answers or meaning behind what it is I see; but in faith as I step out, the Lord fills my mouth.

So as I was leaving the sweet woman, I told her that sometimes God shows me pictures over people and I asked her if it would be okay to share it with her.  She said of course! So I proceeded to un-wrap the image the Lord gave me. I just encouraged her that though in this last season it has felt that pieces of her foundation and life have been pulled out and that has made her life feel unstable and isolated, that in this next season the Lord is going to be filling those gaps, those missing blocks with something better, something stronger, something new and something refreshing over her life. This was going to allow for a season of building dreams that He put in her heart as a child. She quickly hugged me and thanked me so much for sharing and said she hoped I'd come back for a pedicure real soon. 

That evening, I received a phone call from an unknown number. I didn't actually listen to the voicemail until the following morning, but when I did, it was clear it was the woman from the salon.  She had looked up my name and number in the salon system and left a message saying, “I hope it's okay that I'm contacting you, but I just had to share with you that that word you gave me, that thing that you shared with me, I've been searching on the Internet for that game that you talked about and I can't remember what you said the name of it was. I've been sharing it with my sisters and my friends and telling them how amazing it was that God used you to speak such encouragement over me. If you could call me back and tell me one more time, now I've got a pen and paper and I can write it down.”

 I think because the gifts are always a work in progress, I'll give somebody a picture then I walk away and the Lord will just keep downloading more. So this was an awesome opportunity as I called her back to share the name of the game - Jenga - and even expound a little bit more. 

My encouragement to you, the church as a whole, is that God is always speaking over His children and He's always ready and willing to give an encouraging word, something that will stir up, build up, and cheer up. So as you walk through your everyday, keep your heads up and your ears open and BE INTENTIONAL about going on a Holy Spirit adventure with God everyday!  

Melissa Neal

Healing Happenings


God is moving at GenerationONE! Last week we had two arrive on crutches and leave not needing them! 

One man had an x-ray confirmed fracture and after prayer, pain left and follow-up x-ray did not show the fracture...God is so good!

One lady, who has had lots of knee problems, sprained or pulled her hamstrings working out and was only able to walk with her crutch....and in a lot of pain. After prayer, no pain, no crutches needed, and she cancelled her physical therapy appointment - there was no need for it!

If you are struggling with sickness or pain, Healing Rooms are every Saturday at 3pm with our service starting at 4pm, come and see what God will do!! 

Wake Up!

When we live in a world where Light is bigger than Dark and where God is bigger than the Devil, we live a life full of hope, peace, and joy. Our fears are drowned out by the power of our God. We hope this testimony encourages you! 
Michael Pugliese, upon finding out that a fellow acquaintance named Lance had been in the ICU for eight weeks, decided to go visit him and believe for healing. Michael said “…The doctors were clueless as to what was causing the illness” and the situation seemed hopeless, the outcome seemed unknown, but he was willing to take a step of faith and go see him, with confidence that God would show up for His child! 
When he got to the hospital, Lance was in rough condition. "Lance was unconscious as we entered the room.  He had been placed on life support with a trach tube down his throat and all kinds of tubes and machines attached.  He had been drifting in and out of a coma," Michael said. He was on life support with seemingly no light at the end of this dark tunnel with doctors still exploring cause. Michael, full of hope, laid his hands on Lance and began to pray. Sensing the spirit of infirmity at work,  Michael spoke directly to the oppressive spirit and Lance's eyes opened immediately. He even began moving his arms. 
The following day, Lance was sitting up, watching TV, and doing breathing exercises! This miracle occurred because our God is great and because Michael was confident in that. We are believing for a full recovery report once doctors have cause understood, but waking up from a coma was a tremendous breakthrough! 
No situation you are going through is too big for God. No problem you see is too much for him to handle. No mistake you make or side-road you take is too overwhelming for him to work together for good. In any and every situation, He is active and present. God is bigger than any fear or any enemy you may encounter. Always keep your perspective on Him and watch what God will do! 

What Do I Need? Rescue? Or Perspective Change?


How do you live a Christ-filled life in the midst of a chaos-filled world? How do you keep a joy-filled attitude and a hope-filled outlook when you can’t lift your eyes higher than the circumstances that surround you? What do you do when you feel like you are drowning but you don’t see any raft around you to help?

You may be in a season where life is calm, but you know that storms are coming. Or, you may be in a season where wave after wave of disappointment, failure, and discouragement hit constantly. Your family is experiencing brokenness, your heart is experiencing what it is like to be broken, your finances are in shambles, or your job seems hopeless and un-moving. I could list a hundred more situations, but it all boils down to this - your boat is falling apart and you desperately need a lifeboat that will get you out of this mess.

It is natural to ask Him to remove from you the situations that entangle you or to do a miracle in your life and immediately intervene to turn the whole thing right-side up . It is natural to look to Christ and beg for a change; a job-change, a heart-change, a bank account change. However, I believe that the change you need first isn’t a circumstance change.

You need a perspective change.

Now don’t get me wrong – God can do amazing things. He can heal the sickness, replenish the bank account, heal the wounds, restore relationships, and so much more. He loves to help His children, and He is definitely capable of all those miracles. However, when we feel overwhelmed and every situation feels hopeless, our perspective is in the wrong place. 

Steve Backlund, one of our favorite speakers and friends here at GenOne, quotes often that any perspective that isn’t glistening with hope is a perspective that is rooted in a lie. Jesus spoke that in this world we would have trouble (John 16:33). Out of all the times I have heard this verse, most of them have focused on the fact that we will have trouble in this world – and therefore, Christianity isn’t easy or simple, but filled with trouble. However, there is more to this verse. Jesus doesn’t just declare that we will have problems here on earth, but he adds a note of encouragement and says:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Wait…did Jesus just say that we could have peace in the middle of all our circumstances? Why do I feel like I am drowning in the midst of all my troubles? Where is my peace? The real question – where is your perspective?

If our focus is on Jesus, if our foundations are His truths, if our mindset understands His promises, peace is available to us. Hope is available to us. Joy is available to us. Real, authentic joy. When our eyes are on the One who has overcome the world, the outcomes will not look like the world's. When our trust is in the One who triumphed death and the grave, our problems will seem small and our results will be big.

Let’s look different than the world. Let’s bring truth, joy, hope, and peace to a hopeless, peace-less, joyless people that need to see the light of Jesus. And the first step is through our perception of our own circumstances. We can be encouraged because our God is present and active, and He will use your whole life, both the good and the bad, to bring the Kingdom to earth. He wastes nothing! 

With Encouragement, 

Miranda Trudeau