Flowers from daddy

red tulips.jpg

I have a testimony that God gave me and I am so excited to share it. I hope it encourages you!

A couple of weeks ago during the Prophetic service at Generation ONE, Drew asked us to sit quietly and listen to the Lord. During this time, I got a picture from Him. This hasn’t happened often to me, but it was so awesome. In this moment, I saw in the midst of a very sunny day, a picture of a beautiful tulip that was bright pink and was in process of growing up from the ground. The tulip was growing up quickly, almost like it was a sped-up video. After seeing this picture, I wasn’t really sure what it meant, so I didn’t go up to the front of church to share it when the invitation came.

After service I talked to Carrie Pardon about it. I shared with her the picture I saw, and that I had been praying recently and asking God to show me more of His love and to take me deeper with Him. Carrie processed it all and said she thought that was what He was saying to me - that He was going to grow me in His love and that it was going to be a quick work.

Throughout the next week, I was praying that God would send me some tulips. I knew that they weren’t in season, but I continued to pray that someone would bring me some or that He would make some grow out of the ground (why not?!). I just asked. The next day, my husband Marque went to Kroger to pick up our groceries from Click List. Once he got home and was unloading the groceries, he told me there were some flowers for me on the counter. Surprised, I said, “Oh, you got me flowers?!” He went on to tell me that the staff at Kroger gave them to him unexpectedly. 

I walked into the kitchen and sitting on the counter were three bright red tulips! I could not believe it! I was amazed! I had not told anyone about that prayer that I prayed and it was not a coincidence that they were tulips. They are not even in season right now! He is so good, my Daddy sent me flowers!

It encouraged me so much that God was willing to go out of his way to affirm the risk I took in service for God to communicate with me. I really was hearing from God.

With Encouragement, 
Ashli Cryderman