By: Ian Carroll

The prophetic is a powerful dynamic of relationship in the kingdom. Hearing Him gives us a sense of what He is thinking and but it’s also His eyes that bring us deeper into His picture of our identity. When we lock eyes with Jesus and hear His words,  we enter into a greater understanding of who we are, who He is, and our destiny. Understanding more of who He believes we are (not who our peers, our parents, or our siblings say we are, but who He knows us to be) allows us to become more fully alive.

A beautiful picture of this is through the logo of an old British recording company called His Master’s Voice, or HMV. Their logo was a terrier sitting at a gramophone speaker, head bent looking and listening to the sounds emanating from it. That’s the picture of us as we sit, locking eyes with our Master and listening for His voice. It is both the gaze and listening that makes us unshakeable, especially when opposition arises.

“Before you were formed, I knew you” is not simply a statement of fact or proof that life at conception is valuable, it is a message of hope, purpose and intimacy. It is true that the Kingdom cannot fully come until every child of God is doing what they have been purposed to do. Whether in the classroom, the court room, the living room, or any other room, the purpose of the King is that each of us walk in all we are called to do.

Of course, once the word of purpose is released, we often experience opposition to that word. The opposition does not come from God but will be repurposed to train us to listen to our Master’s Voice. We hear what He says and have a choice to listen to the naysayers, the lack of resources, the absence of education, and allow those voices to drown out the Voice. His is a voice of promise, of hope, of abundance, of expectancy. These times of apparent opposition become times when deep foundations are laid, just as a skyscraper needs a deep foundation, these times of apparent opposition are really His way of building a foundation strong enough to hold the weight of the glory that is coming to us.

We are excited to join you December 1-2 and plunge deeper into the gaze and voice of the One who loves beyond measure. It may change your life. To be honest, there is only one thing that would make us go further north in the winter - and that is relationships. Rachel and I are so looking forward to being with Drew, Melissa and all the Generation One crew this week for the Prophetic Mini School, it will be a blast.

See You Soon,
Ian Carroll