Having Prophetic Vison for 2018

By: Drew Neal

One of the most needed things in the body of Christ is unity on what God is saying and doing. Without a proper lens of the nature of God, we can easily misinterpret who God is, what He thinks about us, and what His motives are. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This promise was given to the children of Israel as they walked out their exile in Babylon and they wondered what was going to happen to their families, their culture, and their story as the people of God.  

There’s lot of questions today about what is “about to happen” in the world or what we are “supposed to be doing” in the midst of the great changes that are happening around the world.  While most reading this aren’t impoverished and exiled to another country (let’s pray for those that are), culturally it can feel that our values, culture and practices are being scrutinized like never before and like the children of Israel in Babylon, we need to be reminded of God’s simple plan. He plans to prosper you. He plans to give you hope.  He plans to give you a future AND He will not harm you!  What is God’s hope filled perspective about your circumstance?  What is the next step in how you produce income and manage resources that God wants to use to prosper you? Let’s just be honest, it’s not time to just get by, it’s time to thrive.  Finally, how can you prepare for what is coming in the future?  What is God’s future perspective of you and how can you prepare yourself to walk into it with all fullness?  

Join myself with guest speakers Jon Hazeltine and Matt Gonzales in the month of January as we press into Prophetic Vision 2018.  We will be sharing seasonal prophetic perspective towards the year and more, answering some of these powerful questions.  The services will be loaded with Worship, Prayer, and Messages that will GET YOU READY.  
With Encouragement, 
Drew Neal

Prophetic Vision For 2018
Saturdays @ 4pm.   

January 6th Drew Neal
January 13th Jon Hazeltine
January 20th Matt Gonzales
January 27th Drew Neal