Ministry Update!

I’m just getting back from a 9 day trip that included stops in New York City, Manchester, Hull, Bradford and London. I’m so thankful for the prayer and support of our @genonemovement family that allows me to do this. I had nine scheduled meetings and countless moments of loving those around me on trains, planes and automobiles. I was hosted so well by my new British friends and I wanted to say thank you to Prayer Storm, New Hope Bradford, Mark Curtis, Revive Church and Elim Wimbledon for being gateways of love and opportunity. I also met beautiful people from France, Iraq, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Russia, Portugal and more as I travelled about. The thing everyone has in common all over the world is that they want to be heard and loved. I ministered to a man from Iraq who's village was destroy by Isis and he expressed so much gratitude for all the US has done to help protect and rebuild his nation. He may or may not be informed with all the information, but as a local speaking... I was encouraged greatly. He let me pray for him while being a practicing Muslim which was brilliant! Three Brits invited me to dinner after encouraging them at the train station. One was Muslim, another Catholic with the last being Buddhist and the most hungry to know more behind the prophetic encounter she had just received. The gospel was easy! 
My main priority was spending time with influential church and ministry leaders, serving them and their teams. I love coming behind powerful people and contributing small things that help them advance in the journey of looking more like Jesus in relationship and function. The U.K. is in good hands. Love you across the pond and thankful for this season of my life! 

Do you have a call to disciple nations? Do you want to travel with us as we impact the world?  We would love to take you with us in the next 12 months as we say yes to our corporate call to the Nations.  Send a request for information here if you’d like to get our forthcoming updates about travel opportunities.  


Drew Neal