Wake Up!

When we live in a world where Light is bigger than Dark and where God is bigger than the Devil, we live a life full of hope, peace, and joy. Our fears are drowned out by the power of our God. We hope this testimony encourages you! 
Michael Pugliese, upon finding out that a fellow acquaintance named Lance had been in the ICU for eight weeks, decided to go visit him and believe for healing. Michael said “…The doctors were clueless as to what was causing the illness” and the situation seemed hopeless, the outcome seemed unknown, but he was willing to take a step of faith and go see him, with confidence that God would show up for His child! 
When he got to the hospital, Lance was in rough condition. "Lance was unconscious as we entered the room.  He had been placed on life support with a trach tube down his throat and all kinds of tubes and machines attached.  He had been drifting in and out of a coma," Michael said. He was on life support with seemingly no light at the end of this dark tunnel with doctors still exploring cause. Michael, full of hope, laid his hands on Lance and began to pray. Sensing the spirit of infirmity at work,  Michael spoke directly to the oppressive spirit and Lance's eyes opened immediately. He even began moving his arms. 
The following day, Lance was sitting up, watching TV, and doing breathing exercises! This miracle occurred because our God is great and because Michael was confident in that. We are believing for a full recovery report once doctors have cause understood, but waking up from a coma was a tremendous breakthrough! 
No situation you are going through is too big for God. No problem you see is too much for him to handle. No mistake you make or side-road you take is too overwhelming for him to work together for good. In any and every situation, He is active and present. God is bigger than any fear or any enemy you may encounter. Always keep your perspective on Him and watch what God will do!