Holy Spirit Pedicures


Though the main focus of my ministry in this season of my life is raising our three boys, over the past few years I've been intentional about every opportunity - even in the small things - to always keep my head up and my eyes open to seeing what God is doing in my community. This I know: God is always speaking over His people and anytime that God can use me as an instrument of His love and encouragement, I'm excited to do so.  

Last week I found myself in a pedicure chair because of a gift certificate that I hadn't used yet. As soon as I sat down in the chair, the woman introduced herself and I could just sense that she was a little bit heavy in spirit. So as much as I could, I engaged her in conversation throughout the time I had with her.  The whole time I just kept asking Papa God what He had to say over this woman in front of me.

Most often the Lord speaks to me and pictures and this time was no different. I kept getting the image of one of those life-size Jenga games that I've seen up north and other places. So I asked Papa God what this meant. Most often when I see a picture, I don't necessarily feel like I have all the answers or meaning behind what it is I see; but in faith as I step out, the Lord fills my mouth.

So as I was leaving the sweet woman, I told her that sometimes God shows me pictures over people and I asked her if it would be okay to share it with her.  She said of course! So I proceeded to un-wrap the image the Lord gave me. I just encouraged her that though in this last season it has felt that pieces of her foundation and life have been pulled out and that has made her life feel unstable and isolated, that in this next season the Lord is going to be filling those gaps, those missing blocks with something better, something stronger, something new and something refreshing over her life. This was going to allow for a season of building dreams that He put in her heart as a child. She quickly hugged me and thanked me so much for sharing and said she hoped I'd come back for a pedicure real soon. 

That evening, I received a phone call from an unknown number. I didn't actually listen to the voicemail until the following morning, but when I did, it was clear it was the woman from the salon.  She had looked up my name and number in the salon system and left a message saying, “I hope it's okay that I'm contacting you, but I just had to share with you that that word you gave me, that thing that you shared with me, I've been searching on the Internet for that game that you talked about and I can't remember what you said the name of it was. I've been sharing it with my sisters and my friends and telling them how amazing it was that God used you to speak such encouragement over me. If you could call me back and tell me one more time, now I've got a pen and paper and I can write it down.”

 I think because the gifts are always a work in progress, I'll give somebody a picture then I walk away and the Lord will just keep downloading more. So this was an awesome opportunity as I called her back to share the name of the game - Jenga - and even expound a little bit more. 

My encouragement to you, the church as a whole, is that God is always speaking over His children and He's always ready and willing to give an encouraging word, something that will stir up, build up, and cheer up. So as you walk through your everyday, keep your heads up and your ears open and BE INTENTIONAL about going on a Holy Spirit adventure with God everyday!  

Melissa Neal