The Golden Ticket


By: Adriana & Evelyn

Sixth grade sounded exciting at first for Evelyn, but with so many changes, a new school, new classes, the pressure of making new friends, and so much more homework, she could hardly wait for a break.  Despite it all, she looked forward to the Generation One Christmas Party on December 16. As she and her family walked into worship that afternoon, she told her mom, “I’ve had a really rough week, and I’m feeling very sad.” Her mother prayed for her and waited to see how God’s goodness would play out. 

The Christmas party started and Evelyn had brought a couple of her cousins along. Though she wanted to sit at the table with her parents, her mother encouraged her to sit at a different table with her cousins, and several other adults. One of table members was Jill, who has had a winning streak at Christmas party trivia - this made it fun for Evelyn at the beginning of the party! 

At the beginning of the evening, every person in attendance received a numbered ticket to be drawn for prizes. Throughout the evening, numbers were randomly drawn and each participant who won was able to pick out a gift bag from under the tree. They were instructed, however, to not open it until the end of the evening.  Each number from Evelyn’s table was drawn by lottery as a winning ticket, including Evelyn! 

Evelyn’s cousin, Gloria, was the last to unwrap the centerpiece gift. Much to her surprise it was a Wonder Woman Barbie and her horse. Earlier that day Gloria’s mother, a young widow, heard Jesus speak to her spirit, that He doesn’t see her as a failure, but sees her as a powerful Wonder Woman, spiritually strong, courageous, and specially gifted to bring life and order to the world around her. How significant this was to her family and what a sweet reminder Gloria received of this truth!

For the next game, Evelyn was delegated by her table as a representative for their table. On stage, she had to shake ping pong balls out of a tissue box, and she ended up tying with one other contestant - with only two left in her box! With the help of her fellow table-mates, she won the tie-breaker, and her entire table won a special prize - a hand-made and decorated Christmas cookie. Evelyn received a special word-cookie, “JOY”, like her given middle name.

Finally, it was time to for each gift bag recipient to open their present they had chosen after having their ticket drawn throughout the evening. As another surprise, one special bag had an extra prize that held the Golden Ticket: a dazzling gift card holder with gold glitter and a $50 Amazon Gift card. As each person expectantly looked inside, Evelyn found the Golden Gift Card in her bag! Again, she was the winner!

Beaming and smiley with joy, Evelyn walked over to her mother with gifts in hand, exclaiming “I really needed that. God had me on His mind and planned out to make me the winner.”

No matter what you are going through, He is always there! He loves to make his children happy, and so when things might not be going your way, wait in confident expectation for what kind of Golden Ticket He will bring to you. 

With Encouragement, 
Adriana & Evelyn