By: Jeffrey & Miranda Trudeau

Have you ever heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that”? In today’s modern age, we have access to almost everything within mere moments. In a world of texting, ubers, microwaves, and fast-food solutions, we have so many opportunities at our fingertips - it truly is amazing. Despite how helpful all of the tools and resources at hand, I have been on a journey of discovering that there is more at hand and accessible than even all these resources combined.

Through the Kingdom Culture class at GenONE, Jeff and I explored 12 values that cultivate a culture centered on the Kingdom. At a time in our lives where we were discovering what it meant to live around these values, we were immersed in a class that taught us not only knowledge, but application. Each situation with family, with jobs, with cars, and more, we were set up to look to these values as a solution.  

The truth is that when these values are expressed, the environment around you shifts and the possibility of Heaven coming to Earth becomes a reality. A few of these values include joy, generosity, and hope. No matter what situation you are in or trial you are facing, these values shift atmospheres, these values bring Heaven to Earth, and these values change outcomes. There’s a value for “that”.

What would it look like to orient your life around life-giving values? You look around at this world today and it is easy to find so many things that are negative, destructive, and do not promote life or love. To think deeper in this, how many interactions with people have you had this week that left you feeling encouraged, inspired, and more confident in your identity as His? A quick count may tell you not many, but don’t be discouraged. Although you cannot be confident in your ability to change others, you can be confident in your ability to start this process from right in your own space.

As His, we are challenged daily to look like Jesus. This means emulating values that directly reflect the Kingdom: including family, goodness, grace and empowerment, honor, joy and hope, salvation, revelation in the word, generosity, supernatural, risk in faith, valuing his presence, and the prophetic. If you truly center your life on being a reflection of Jesus, and you strive for every interaction you have with people to lead them into an encounter with God on a new level, then these values are a great place to start. These 12 kingdom values are direct reflections of God's’ character, so by creating interactions with people using these values, you are, by default, leading them into a new encounter with God.

I challenge you with this: in a world where we can access almost anything at our fingertips, be an encounter that brings more than what these conveniences can. You can’t always see or understand the impact of your words or actions, but each word of encouragement, of insight, and of love brings someone else one step deeper into their experience with God. When you strive to reflect what Jesus looks like, people encounter Jesus in every interaction with you. When people are struggling, there’s a grace for that - show them. When people are hurting, there’s hope for that - show them. Be a resource that they seek out, and in turn, be a resource that leads them to seek out God. Give love instead of negativity, find encouragement for someone instead of discouragement, show joy in the midst of a frustrating situation, and so much more. 

Have an encounter. Be an encounter.

With Encouragement, 
Jeffrey & Miranda Trudeau