Family First

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It is no secret that we here at Generation ONE value community. Based on Jesus’ ministry, we recognize that generational wisdom and community is such an important factor in bringing Heaven to Earth. One of the ways that we emphasize this value is by offering Family Groups. These groups are open to all, and we encourage all those who attend to prioritize this unique aspect of community. Those in groups not only get time to eat and chat together, but also time to share testimonies, needed prayers, and the opportunity to dive deep into conversation and study around the values of the Kingdom. The community created in these environments is unlike any other, and the bond created between people can create lifelong friendships.

This semester, we launched several family groups - some of whom simply gathered to declare testimonies, and others who spent time in discussion and study around important values of the Kingdom. The results of even just the last two months has been extraordinarily positive. We just wanted to take a few minutes and honor God for the work that he is doing in these communities and through these relationships!

“Well Glory to God.  Very powerful... Felt the afterglow all the way home. You have blessed our lives…”

“ We just wanted more Jesus. Well we found that with the loving GenONE family. You are such a blessing.”

“... a great example of loving people.”

The environment in our Family Groups has cultivated relationships in a unique setting, that lead to an even greater experience during our weekend services. Many have reported that the environment of the groups leads to a connection with people on a deeper level, one that is harder to establish in the weekend services. These groups create an intentionality that cultivates friendship, the ability to learn from others and their wisdom and experience, as well as just the comfort of having friendships that emulate family so well.

The groups provide opportunities to be generous as well. Whether it's bringing dinners to share, snacks to pass, words to encourage, or blessings to give, the generosity of group members is outrageous. Through this, attendees have learned that there is more to Generation ONE than simply a “pastor”. The ability to depend on the body to help you walk through life’s circumstances with one another adds a new level to the value of our church.

Stay up-to-date for the next launch of Family Groups in the Fall Semester of 2018. We have leaders that are so excited to welcome you into our family and our community.

If you are interested in ever leading a group - we would love to hear from you! Find more information at, and let us know you are considering it.

We love people. We love community. We love families. We value walking through life with people, including you. See you there!

With Encouragement,
GenONE Family