Good News


We have been so encouraged lately with how God is moving at GenONE and one of the avenues we have seen a lot of breakthrough is through our prayer chain! The way God has worked through the prayers of those involved is remarkable. Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen appetites restored, abdominal pain ceased, breakthroughs in sleep, hearts restored, and comas interrupted with total restoration - to name a few. From people who have struggled with diagnoses for a while, to those who have onset symptoms, we are seeing breakthrough in powerful ways on the same day the prayers are sent out - sometimes within just a couple of hours!

Let's take a moment and celebrate what the Lord has done!

If you’d like to get involved with this ministry team by partnering with us in prayer and believing for Heaven outcomes on Earth, contact Mike Rutter! You can email him your name and phone number at to be added to the chain. Also, if you have any testimonies, we’d love to heart them! Simply send an email to 

Thank you for all your support and be encouraged that He is moving in powerful ways.