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Weekly Experience

Every Saturday at 4pm

6 months - 8th grade welcome



To champion world-changers who know their identity and live naturally supernatural.

Our Mission

To train kids who have intimacy with the Lord, know His voice, work miracles, know the word of God.

 Gener8tor (n): A person who shifts and creates an environment around them through bringing Heavenly realities to Earth.

Core Identity Values:

We are Joyful

God is love and His love for us never fails. We know this because of our close intimacy with the Lord. We are born into favor as children of  God – there is no need to earn relationship with Him! We move with joy and expectation of the good that is coming in our future because our God is so good. 

We are Encouraging

We know as Children we can hear our Father’s voice. Because of our access to the Father, we see God’s heart for transformation in people, cities, and regions around the world. We create an environment for people to be fully themselves because we are loving, honoring, encouraging, generous, and led by our Father’s voice and the Spirit.. 

We are Empowered

We know as children of God that we can work miracles. It is God’s desire for Heaven to come to earth, and we have been designed to partner with Him to see this through. This enables us to release healing, miracles, signs, and wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit. We live naturally supernatural.

We are Free

We know the Word of God and the truths about who we are and who God is represented in it. We use the bible as a foundation for what God has done in the past, and representation of what He is continuing to do in the restoration of His creation. We walk free and bold, knowing we are champions who carry light.

Mission Outcomes: 

NOTE: These are GREAT declarations to make with your family throughout the week!

Intimacy with the Lord

  1. I am connected to God because I spend time with the Lord regularly, and grow in learning who He is and learning who I am.

  2. I know I am connected to Heaven because I carry testimonies of the things God is doing around me.

Know His voice

  1. I know I am a loved child of God because I hear His voice. 

  2. I am the most encouraging person everywhere I go because I release God’s thoughts towards others to them.

Work Miracles

  1. I am a new creation and I have authority to bring Heavenly realities to earth.  

  2. I am empowered to step out in bold faith often to bring miracles, signs, and wonders to the world around me.

Know the Word of God

  1. I am free because I know Jesus is victorious over death and sin.  

  2. I am a champion and I know that I am not fighting against darkness, but carrying light everywhere I go.

As a Ministry, We Value:

-Trusting God for the impossible, the unknown, and the unseen.

-Empowering leaders and children through active ministry opportunities.

-Protecting children with an uncompromising safety process.

-Creating an exciting and fun learning environment with excellence.

-Always learning and improving through innovation of our programs.

-Coaching leaders to realize and shape their full potential.

-Affirming, honoring, and valuing others through authentic leadership.

As a Ministry, We Believe:

-Each and every child is a gift from God.

-Children are powerful in our church family.

-There is no such thing as a Jr. Holy Spirit: Children have as much access to Heaven and the Holy Spirit as adults.

-The Bible is God’s Word and should be taught and applied in our lives.

-Children’s ministry should be fun, creative, and implemented with excellence.

-Parental partnership is essential to the success of children’s ministry.

-Supporting our families is crucial to supporting the growth of our children.


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