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Revival School


The scriptures are full of creative & miraculous mysteries. Fire falling, angelic messengers, barbaric cities coming to Jesus, and of course many impossible physical healings. These events aren't the only things God has done that have opened up awakening to a tribe or nation. In history we see great revivals breaking out all over the world as God does again what He did in scripture. People like Wigglesworth, John G Lake, and Amy Simple McPherson looked at impossibility and demanded it to bow it's knee to Jesus. There are modern day Apostles and Prophets that are living the reality of Heaven on Earth right now and you can be a part!

Join Guest Speaker Annie Byrne and GLSM Director Drew Neal as they remind you of what the Lord has done in scripture, in recent history and what He wants to do today. You will be stirred in your heart like never before! You were made for living out the realities of Revival and Awakening in your everyday life. Revival is not about a church meeting under a white tent. Revival is hearts, dreams and destinies coming alive with the reality that all of heaven is behind you to see it come to pass. In revival, many find Jesus, marriages are restored, the sick are healed and cities transformed. You are a revival waiting to happen! Come receive amazing teaching, worship and impartation for the next great move of God that is already begun in motion!

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Earlier Event: January 5
Intercessory Prayer
Later Event: January 11
Healing Rooms