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Unfortunately, we had to cancel this session of SDN - we will make up for it by scheduling an additional session at the end of the current posted training! Stay tuned! Thank you for your understanding. 

School of Discipling Nations Training 

6 evenings, 12 sessions. Register today at

Discipling Nations is one of the most outrageous priorities in Jesus’ command of transforming the world.  Christians are notorious for having generous hearts and pure motivations, but we haven’t always made ourselves ready personally to handle the weight of the call to disciple nations. For decades we’ve interpreted this command as taking a team on a one week trip with bright colored t-shirts to show people how Americans interpret the Bible. These groups went to help, but often created as much confusion as they did help. The same incompleteness can be said for our local strategy as well, as we “only invite people to church”. In most cases this implies that it’s not my job to disciple, it’s the church organization’s job.  We need to learn how to serve the most difficult problems in the world and if your understanding of the gospel doesn’t fix these problems, you need a new understanding of the gospel.  

Sustainable impact of people groups requires a long-term commitment of helping people be the best version of who God made THEM to be, not the best version of what I prefer as a westerner. Your calling deserves this investment and we can get you ready.

Top Ten Biggest Mindset Challenges to Discipling Nations:

  1. “Nations” means land with borders - and this poses overwhelming challenges for one person.

  2. Our effort is an event rather than relationship.

  3. “It’s someone else’s job who is more spiritual.”

  4. We don’t know our purpose.

  5. “Is it God’s will for me to disciple people?”

  6. The idea is overwhelming and ambiguous. I don’t know where to start.  

  7. Our way is the best and transformation should look like what we know.

  8. “All solutions should be logical” thus not accounting for the supernatural priority within the Gospel experienced.

  9. We have a small world view of what’s possible in the Gospel, believing that 5 minute prayers and large scale gatherings are the complete solution.  

  10. We only meet temporary needs.

The call of God is great on your life.  Invest in your call.  Let us help you get ready.  

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