There’s only ONE VOICE that matters and it’s the voice of your good Father.

As believers, we all get to hear His voice. Whether called prayer or prophecy, this experience is not mysterious fortune telling - it’s relationship. We like to call it a Father talking to His kids and He’s always in a good mood! What would life be like if you could hear God’s daily thoughts toward your marriage, career path, or finances? What if God isn’t absent but actually concerned about your everyday life and wants to interact?

Each time God talks to His children, His voice re-affirms identity, encourages growth, and guides us to solutions for walking out our purpose.

Have you felt like you've heard God's voice before, but you weren't sure? Maybe you've never felt like you've heard His voice, but you do feel like 'you just know things' and don't know why or how. Do you have lots of dreams and wonder about their significance? In this conference experience, you will not only learn what His voice sounds like and more about His character, but you begin to be confident in your identity and purpose for your life. Hearing God is not an event, it's a daily exchange for all of us as we do life and navigate meaningful living. Each speaker and trainer is brilliantly gifted at creating a loving atmosphere for you to take your next step in your relationship with God.  


Friday, July 12
7:00pm - 9:30pm
Speakers: Bill Vanderbush, Brian Orme

Saturday, July 13
Speakers: Brian Orme, Drew Neal
4pm: Weekly Service
Speaker: Bill Vanderbush


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At-the-Door: You can buy your $45 ticket in cash, check, or card when you arrive.

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