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Prophetic Company is a biblical concept of a spiritual community dating back at least 3000 years to the times of the prophet Samuel. We see historically in the Bible that the healthiest prophetic people are those who live and move within a community of believers. The Prophetic Company Model was founded by Dan McCollam and is based out of The Mission in Vacaville, CA. For more on Prophetic Company is, read Dan’s book Prophetic Company.

GenONE’s Prophetic Company is led by Mary Mann & Liz Upshur. To contact them regarding our Prophetic Company, email propheticcompany@generationone.org.

Value 1

A Prophetic Company is a people who believe everyone can prophesy.

Value 2

A Prophetic Company values prophetic diversity.

Value 3

A Prophetic Company judges and strategizes with prophetic words.