As a body of believers at Generation ONE, we are looking to ACTIVATE, EMPOWER, and RELEASE great generations. 


Activate embodies our encounter with God's extravagant love, body, soul, and spirit. His goodness is the foundation of this core value. This experience opens up our understanding of Who God is, which allows us to see ourselves as sons and daughters. As a local church, Generation ONE is where your experience in God’s love can be nurtured. It is a place where you can discover true freedom, joy, and complete wholeness.


Empower is fueled by the thought that all believers are qualified and have access to the power that Jesus ministered with. It is the merge of healthy identity with resources that equip us as a corporate body. At Generation ONE, we believe in equipping people to live a supernatural lifestyle. Through a value for strong relationships led by “fathers,” our school of ministry, mini-schools and other facets of ministry, we believe we are awakening the understanding of how to carry the Kingdom of God everywhere you go.


Release is the practical demonstration of Jesus’ model prayer “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” When the Kingdom of heaven collides with earth, everyday life is radically changed. This comes about in part because of a unified body that knows who they are in Christ and the release of His goodness into the world. At Generation ONE, we want to partner with you in launching you into your destiny. We believe that impacting the world requires covenant partnership and personal empowerment.  It is a contagious movement propelled by God's power and love on display through us in the highest levels of influence in society.

Our Values:   

Reflecting His Nature

God is love and His love for us never fails. We are born into favor as children of God and are not required to earn our way into relationship. His joy is our strength and His hope is our future. Through His love, all things work together for good; nothing is impossible. 

The Finished Work

Salvation, the result of faith by grace, is a complete work; we are saved, healed, and delivered: body, soul and spirit. We believe that, because of what Jesus finished on the cross, we walk in total freedom. It is because of this we fight from victory, not for victory. 

Releasing Heaven

God is always good and in a good mood. It is His desire for heaven to come to earth. We have been designed to dwell and partner with Him. Faith is spelled R-I-S-K. Walking in this faith helps us embrace the tension between the natural and supernatural. This enables us to release healing, miracles, signs and wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Engaging Relationships

We are a family that desires to see true transformation in people, cities, regions and the world. It is our desire for people to be fully themselves, fully empowered and fully alive. Honor and generosity are what makes this possible. Our heart is to see people and circumstances from heaven’s perspective, as well as, bless, edify, exhort and comfort one another. We are a Family of Champions.